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BOSTON GLOBE REVIEW! - October 30, 2014

Read this review of "Fugue Mill" in the Globe written by critic Jon Garelick!

FUGUE MILL available for download and more - October 8, 2014

The debut CD by Fugue Mill is here, and may be downloaded and soon physically purchased at CDbaby, iTunes, or at the link here on the homepage.  

Here I've included lyrics to the final song on the CD, "Don't Forget the Dénouement", as well as the credits for the CD, in case you (LEGALLY) downloaded the music, and don't have the CD jacket to which to refer.  ENJOY!

Don't Forget the Dénoement  

Music and Lyrics by Mark Shilansky (Shilansongs BMI 2014)


The lights have just come up, the audience is on its feet

To call the author from the curtain, or to hasten to the street

I pause to hear the snips of conversation, mixed with my prejudice

What shall we call this entertainment, to venture a guess

A Masquerade would imply that we were only just pretending

A charade we'd recognize as it would have us laughing by the ending

Send the band home if you want but don't forget the Dénouement

You put these words into my mouth exactly as I would have said them

Then you took them away, they disappeared just as I read them

You cast me in this role then said that you did not believe me

The plot fell in a hole, more to confuse than to deceive me

I knew it all along before the crime had been committed

You had it in for me before the costumes had been fitted

A Masquerade would imply that we were only just pretending

A charade we'd recognize as it would have us laughing by the ending

Though the show will soon be closing and I'm just a dilettante

Twas your intention I'm supposing to forget the dénouement

And though the stage is dark the drama does continue as I tip the valet

For I know there's plenty malice in you for another day, and another play

A Masquerade would imply that we were only just pretending

A charade we'd recognize as it would have us laughing by the ending

A Passion Play would contain a lesson worth the learning

But I won't be back in the morning nor my ghost return to haunt

Save a prayer or a warning: don't forget the dénouement

1) RFD 7 

2) AM 

3) Body And Soul (Green, Heyman, Sour, Eyton)

4) Reely 

5) The False Bride (Trad)

6) Sure on this Shining Night (Samuel Barber/James Agee)

7) Dialogue #1 

8) Troubles 

9) Pass it On

10) Don't Forget the Dénouement


Fugue Mill: Mark Shilansky - piano, vocal (10), Sara Caswell - violin, Eric Byers - guitars, Joseph Brent - mandolin (2,4-6, 8), Bryce Milano - mandolin (1,3,9), Greg Loughman - acoustic bass (4-6, 8), Corey DiMario - acoustic bass (1,3,9), Fernando Huergo - electric bass (2), Jordan Perlson - drums, percussion (1-3,9), Steve Langone - drums, percussion (4,5,8), Kathleen Flynn - Soprano Voice (5,6), Catherine Bent - cello (4,7,10), Emily Rideout - viola (10), Jared Sims - clarinet (7), Rane Moore - clarinet (10)

Produced and Arranged by Mark Shilansky, All Music and Lyrics (10) by Mark Shilansky except where noted, © 2014 Shilansongs (BMI). 1,3,4,7,9,10 recorded by Peter Kontrimas at PBS, Westwood, MA.  2 recorded by Mark Wessel at Berklee College of Music, Studio A. 5,6,8 recorded by Huck Bennert at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA.  Additional recording by Joseph Stewart at Dimension Sound, Jamaica Plain, MA. 1,3,7,9 mixed by Peter Kontrimas.  2, 4-6, 8, 10 mixed by Huck Bennert.  Mastered by Mark Donahue at Sound/Mirror, Jamaica Plain. Cover artwork by Ronman Ng.

Some bits of info: - September 12, 2014

1) Our Kickstarter Campaign FUNDED!!!  Thanks to all you generous participants.  I will be in touch about rewards and make sure you get your CDs and downloads and such, in mid-October.  You in fact may wish to attend the CD RELEASE SHOWS, Oct 11 at the Dance Hall in Kittery, Me, and Oct 12 at the Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, MA.  Jason Anick will be sitting in on mandolin, and his quartet will be sharing the bill with us.

2) I have put up many of my songs as picture-filled youtube videos, so you may check them out at your leisure and consider downloading the CDs from whence they came.  This is the link:

3) Also, Fugue Mill now has a Youtube Channel, thanks to the vociferous hawking I've been doing of the Kickstarter campaign:

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